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Barrick Gold Corporation is a mining company that produces gold and copper with 16 operating sites in 13 countries.. It is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It has mining operations in Argentina, Canada, Chile, Côte d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dominican Republic, Mali, Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, the United States and Zambia.

A former employee said this in a review: "No opportunity for career advancement. At Barrick Gold Corporation is not important safety and quality controls. Long hours at work make having a unhealthy work life balance".


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Former Employee - Technical Principal says

"Ever since the Reverse takeover by Randgold the company is a miserable place for technical professionals, they are treated like indentured servants with no respect for life-work balance."

Former Employee - Geologist says

"Not the worst place that I have ever worked in 44 years in the market, but by far, the most dysfunctional organization I have been involved with. Barrick/Nevada Gold Mines is/are nothing like what they advertise themselves to be in the recruiting and on-boarding process. Complete chaos. All talk and no action. Management stifles and pushes out producers/innovators in order to protect the legacy positive image they have built for themselves amidst decades of counter productivity and B.S. Absolutely full of crap. This company was going bankrupt until they found a company with cash flow to bail them out. It will only get worse, as the company they let take them over is bringing an African continent mining culture to Northern Nevada that just will not fly on this continent. Look for continued extreme turnover, and also a mini exodus to occur after yearly bonuses are paid in March (bonuses dramatically decrease in 2020 for many). Anglo Gold Ashanti tried and failed previously with the negative African mining culture on this continent. Took them 8-10 years to fail. Hopefully it won't be as many miserable years for the employees at Barrick/Nevada Gold Mines for them to see Rand and their institutionalized authoritarian hostility fail. The silver lining is that Newmont is right there to pick out all the gold and good people from the ashes of Barrick's failure."

Current Employee - Just A Number says

"Work life balance. Management has no real management or leadership skills. The underground is ran by a dictator and he rules by fear, posturing, intimidation, and demeaning employee's. This creates a threatening and hostile work environment."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Supervisors will cut your throat in a heart beat. No loyalty. Beware, enter at your own risk."

Project Manager says

"1) No upward movement even though you are classified as a HYPO- if you don't have a relationship with an executive you will not have upward Mobility in this company. 2) NO Transparency and senior mgt keeps hiring political hires - look at the Chilean mgt team for PL. 3) Culture - Barrick use to be a fun place to work now all the A players left and the C&D team remains in Corp mgt."


"Stagnant wages, reduced benefits, management that really don't know much about mining. Staggering debt levels brought on by arrogance and incompetence."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Ive always worked in male dominated areas and always received professionalism and respect to the highest degree. I work hard and I take pride in being one of the only women in these industries and it took me time to build that respect and prove myself. At Barrick, I was gossiped about and picked on by a group of people by them making up ridiculous stories in terms of my "sexual activities" because I worked late and didn't catch the "popular" bus home or hang out on the weekends. I am a single mother with no child support so my focus has always been on that and moving up in my career so I can better provide for my child. Not liking me is one thing but when people start to make up things about my character and spreading untrue rumors about what I'm doing at my desk when no one is around except the random men walking in from the field, I have to draw the line. Then to top it off, I didn't report it to HR, someone else did, which is fine, except the way HR "handled" it. I was still treated as if I had done something wrong when all I did was go in and do my job every day. I felt as if I was supposed to apologize for being focused on daily tasks and not partaking in the popularity contest. All in all, Im sure Barrick as a whole is a great place to work, but this particular department was like high school and like an episode of "Mean Girls" and the HR department handled way below standard. Their "investigation" only made things worse on me and it left such a bad taste in my mouth that I waved my white flag and put in my 2 week notice after only a few months. I served in the military for 6 and half years, had men make bets on who could get me in bed first, or make up stories that they had "bedded" me. This has made for some thick skin on my part in most cases its just comical because its never true. But Barrick was the WORST I HAVE EVER experienced by a long shot. It really got to me which never happens. It really saddens me because I was really interested in staying with Barrick long term. I think Barrick is a good company so I would still hope and probably think this department was the bad apple of the barrel and that's how this hand in my life played out. C'est la vie!"


"To many corporate changes, and too many changes to reporting structure."

Former Employee - Human Resources Manager says

"If you like a toxic and abusive environment, go for it."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"1. HR has no idea what you are doing. Spent several 36-40 hour shifts per day just to be harassed as to why I am leaving 2 hours early in a Friday of the same week. 2. Management has no clue of your value. Decisions are made without input of the guys in the field. 3. In respect to #2, we are talking about a management that decided to hang small curtains in front of one of our main CCDs to stop the fog from coming out of it during the morning hours,,,,,,,,, what else can be said? 4. They do no do what they say they will do. It’s rather funny that they say “doing what we say we will do” is a “core” value, yet it really only applies when it is in their favor. This is a company that has repeatedly published bonuses that will never happen."

Fuel Truck Driver (Former Employee) says

"They force you to work on your day off every week, if you don’t work on your day off. You will be terminated. Management do not care about his employees, HR is steals money from every driver they never fixed any of there equipment."

Metallurgical Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Really bad management with no leadership skills and bare minimum encouragement for their employees. Also they do not care about work/life balance. Chain of command is not followed."

Environmental Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Went to Barrick for an interview in April or May and was offered a job soon after. They flew myself and my wife out and told us to keep all expenses. 3 months later, the expense check shows up in the mail. One problem, it was 350 dollars short. Barrick did not pay for anything. If this is any indicator of what is to come with this company, stay away, I am glad I did. Worst company I have ever felt with.No prosLow pay, slow pay back"

Boilermaker Foreman (Former Employee) says

"Office work, meetings, planning of jobs and allocating of workforce. Ensuring people work safe and to reach targets on production. Learned a lot on planning and the rest almost the same as other plants. Management were very strict on safety but otherwise fine. Co workers was good workers and had a good culture. I loved the Tanzanians. Hardest part of the job was shutdowns because of all the follow ups to do on the co workers. Most enjoyable was when the plant starts up and everything was running smooth again.No free lunches, only barbeques on Saturday nightsCall outs some times turned into nightmares"

i (Former Employee) says

"They can make good money but at the same time they are doing horrible things to mother nature, killing a lot of rivers and lakes worldwide, not to mention the pouring of a lot of cyanide and mercury all over the place.. People that work in this company have no remorse for the environment and how other people get sick.. BG SUCKS big time In my country 500 miners got sick with cyanide contamination last years..This means that eventually you will get sick as well because of the exposure. If someone dont believe me., just check on the internet and you will find plenty of information.. That's why BG is one of the most hated companies in the world.. Say NO to Barrick Goldemployeeemployee"

Supervisor Plantas Tratamiento Aguas (Current Employee) says

"Empresa que me entrega bastantes herramientas para poder realizar mi trabajo de manera satisfactoria, durante mi turno de trabajoMi jefatura me ha permitido ir adquiriendo nuevos conocimientos y a la vez he podido entregar los míos en beneficio de la empresa.Y tambien hay un aporte en el buen ambiente de trabajo.Debo recalcar la gran preocupación por el medio ambiente y por lo compromisos adquiridos, temas que se relacionan directamente con mi trabajo.La idea como profesional es ser un miembro más del equipo y mejorar continuamente para así poder llegar a los resultados esperadosremuneracion, seguros salud, bonos, clima laboralcondiciones climáticos, dificil acceso geografico a la faena"

Designer (Former Employee) says

"The randgold merger was chaotic. Constant turnover while at company. More emphasis on production KPIs than safety. Courage to Care is really just lip service than the culture.Historic mine. Lots of underground workings. Challenging design problemsStressful workplace, uncertainty with changes in management, turnover in coworkers and a lax safety attitude"

GEOLOGO JUNIOR (Former Employee) says

"la empresa debe admitir a residentes de la zona de trabajo ya que los de fuera no aportar en el desarrollo de la misma."

Wet mill (Former Employee) says

"Management at gold strike was the worst. Never had your back. The rotation sucked, people looked like zombies getting on and off the bus, and management could figure out why the safety rate was bad."

Process Operator (Former Employee) says

"Mill upper management doesn't care one bit for those that do the the work. It's all about how do they make themselfs look better. Absolutely NO care about the employee, none. Very toxic environment.It's a job that pays well.Management, insurance, zero employee care."

Scientist II (Former Employee) says

"I was there two years before I was able to escape. It was absolutely the worst experience of my life. The culture is toxic, there is no work life balance if you're a manager or supervisor (you're expected to work on an as needed basis, i.e., whenever the new boss wants), and your colleagues want you as miserable as they are. Stay away. It's not worth any $$$."

Open Haul Driver (Former Employee) says

"Was ran by a bunch of idiots. They have a don’t care attitude. The pay was only reason I stayed so long. Work mandatory on days off which was never mentioned and if you didn’t you were fired"

Miner 1 (Former Employee) says

"I work for this company before and becouse i got sick and ended up in the hospital i couldnt call them i lost my job now i apply again after 2 years of waiting and they told to stop waisting my time that they wont hire me 3 supervisor form TR wanted me to.go work for them but the people at HR made impossible for me to get a job with them so unless you know this people or you are friends with them you would never get a job or in my case another chance i wish i could talk to upper management and explained to them what happen and the way some of this people take it personal not to give you a job"

Operations (Current Employee) says

"If you hire on and start brown nosing quickly, they will move you up. If you hire on and don’t brown nose you’ll never go anywhere within the company. And if you point out any of the brown nosing, they make your life miserable until you quit or they can fire you.Steady checkReally poor management that shouldn’t work anywhere"

Mobile Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"Majority of employees are there for themselves and will throw you under the bus to save their own butts, management needs a large improvement they don’t care for the hard working employees only the suck ups and are always looking for a way to screw employees of their bonuses, they preach safety but don’t practice it when numbers are down, there is also a lot of clicks and if you not in your screwed, I could go on and on but I’ll leave it there as I don’t not recommend working here.Great pay, benefits, scheduleManagement, lack of safety, untrustworthy employees"

Senior Specialist Security Operations (Current Employee) says

"Don't work there Unprofessional Paranoid Corrupt Disengaged Dangerous Out dated Incorrect engagement with local pop Self promoting inexperienced ivory tower builders"

Warehouse Tech III (Former Employee) says

"This company has no concern for their employees, no matter what they say.great benefitsbad management"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Not recommended to join this company, every year they fire people , racist especially to asians, management and culture is not good. lot of politics and they envy each other. Bad atmosphere at bay street office . they pay you good and work life balance is good but not recommended.SalaryHire and FIre"

Tire Technician/Mechanic/ Site services (Former Employee) says

"If your not in there little circle and play their games they will do anything to make your life a living nightmare!! And most people that work there hate the upper management it's like us vs them Scenario.Good payThey put the wrong people in management. Too much of the buddy buddy system"

Dispatch Engineer (Current Employee) says

"On a daily basis, job requires: - daily production reporting, goes out before 8am - pit graphics updates - new blast patterns created/locations of shovels, drills, diggers, update in pit graphics Modular VNC - cross check ore mining records in dispatch records with Geology spotter sheet to ensure that oreblocks, tonnages moved per locations are the same. - Drill and blast statistics (locations, drill pattern, meters drilled) entered into dispatch - relief dispatcher in the hot sit - enjoy the teamwork in the engineering team as well as operations - in close communication with maintenance department, reporting defects and GPS problems with mining fleet - provide support to operations through the LP dispatch screen summary to optimise production, factors considered include: haul cycle, dump queue, shovel hang, fuel consumption, etc.Top graduate development programRoster 21/14 is too long"

Terry says

"Went to finish arrangements, pay, etc; and the employee on site was rude and snapped at me because I wanted to get in the door. It was freezing outside. I left. If it happens the next time I will go elsewhere."

James says

"Great experience checking in The staff was very friendly"

Yolanda says

"i do believe in your good safe keeping of my personal belongings but in the course of time since you took over the business from previous owners who were good also, it is beyond my comprehension how you people increases the rate of leasing of storage in such a manner where it is becoming unaffordable for anyone. So absurd but I imagine not much renters can do but oblige to pay.Do to the hardship of life to most people like me, we have no choice but hang on to the string and you know that as owners.When most are down to the gutter, it is an opportunity to others. I am hoping to God that soon I will be able to return to the Hill Country where I love most to live and take my belongings out at least to enjoy them before my old age."